Our Menu

Offer at beginning of the year

Spicy chicken soup with coconut, baguette
5,90 €

Leg of duck with orange sauce
red cabbage with apples, potato dumplings
15,90 €

Fried potatoes with scrambled egg and bacon
7,50 €


Small mixed salad
3,80 €

Small ragout fin
gratinated with cheese, baguette
4,50 €

Jacket potato
covered and gratinated with ragout fin and cheese
6,50 €

Cold Berlin starters plate
Small Berlin meatballs rye bread rolls with lard and gherkins
7,20 €

Tomato soup
topped with whipped cream, baguette
3,30 €

Goulash soup
4,50 €

Solyanka soup
(special goulash soup), baguette
5,50 €

Smaller dishes

Baked camembert wild berries sauce, baguette
7,20 €

Large ragout fin baguette
7,20 €

Jacket potato
served with creamcheese with herbs
8,50 €

filled with champignons
8,90 €

filled with ragout fin
8,90 €

 Neither fish nor meat

Bell peppers stuffed with couscous on paprika sauce
11,50 €

Mixed salad with vinaigrette sauce, baguette
8,50 €

Mixed salad with sheep’s cheese vinaigrette sauce, Baguette
11,50 €

Mozarella with fresh tomatoes,
basil pesto, baguette
9,50 €

Several salads

Mixed salad with tuna vinaigrette sauce, baguette
11,50 €

Mixed salad with chicken breast strips vinaigrette sauce, baguette
12,50 €

Mixed salad with beef fillet strips vinaigrette sauce, baguette
17,50 €

Typical Berlin dishes

Berlin Meatball (180g) (Boulette)
served with green beans and bacon
stewed onion rings, parsley potatoes
10,90 €

Beef roulade 
with red cabbage cooked
with apples potato dumplings
14,90 €

Knuckle of pork (1200-1400g) (Eisbein)
with potatoes, pea puree, sauerkraut
served with  2 cl Berlin caraway liqueur
13,90 €

Calf’s liver
with apple slices, onion rings, potato puree
15,90 €

Berlin Currywurst (curried sausage)
with chips
7,50 €


Grilled pike-perch fillet
with leeks, grilled tomato, parsley potatoes
16,90 €

Jacket potato
served with creamcheese
with herbs and smoked salmon
12,90 €

Two fried herrings (cold fish)
with baked potatoes and onion rings
10,90 €

 For our younger guests

Children cutlet, chips
7,90 €

Five chicken Nuggets, chips
7,90 €

 Meat dishes

Pork escalope (Schnitzel)
champignons, chips
13,50 €

Chicken breast fillet
gratinated with cheese and tomatoes
paprika sauce, potato croquettes
garnished with a small mixed salad
12,50 €

Fried sausage (Bratwurst)
with sauerkraut and parsley potatoes
10,90 €

Pork steak
covered and gratinated with ragout fin and cheese
potato croquettes
14,50 €

Mixed grill with three kinds of meat
(beef fillet, pork fillet, chicken breast)
pork belly, small sausage
pepper sauce, French fries
18,10 €

Pork medallions
with champignons pepper sauce and fried potatoes
16,50 €

Sweet treats

Cold chocolate butter biscuits
housemade (Kalter Hund)
3,50 €

Warm apple strudel
with vanilla sauce
vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream
5,20 €

filled with vanilla and chocolate ice-cream
egg liqueur and whipped cream
7,20 €

Scoop of ice cream
1,60 €

Two scoops of ice cream
3,20 €

Mixed ice cream without whipped cream (3 scoops)
4,70 €

Mixed ice cream with whipped cream (3 scoops)
5,40 €