Our Menu

Offer at wintertime

Solyanka soup
6,50 €

Potato soup with slices of sausage
6,50 €

Venison goulash with wild mushrooms
red cabbage with apples
potato dumplings, cranberry pear
15,90 €

Leg of duck with orange sauce
red cabbage with apples or colewort
potato dumplings
15,90 €

Leg of goose with mugwort sauce
red cabbage with apples or colewort
potato dumplings
17,90 €

Smoked sausages on colewort
parsley potatoes
10,50 €

Chicken breast fillet gratinated with cheese and tomatoes paprika creme sauce
small salad potato croquettes
12,50 €

Pork steak „au four“ gratinated with ragout and cheese
potato croquettes
14,50 €


Baked Camembert
Wild berry sauce, baguette
7,30 €

7,20 €

with mushrooms in a sour cream sauce
9,90 €


Goulash soup
3,90 €

Tomato soup
cream topping, baguette
3,30 €

Main courses

Beef roulade
red cabbage with apples and potato dumplings
14,90 €

Pork escalope
buttered carrots and peas
parsley potatoes
12,95 €

Vegetarian escalope
parsley potatoes and creamed mushrooms
10,90 €

Fresh salads

Salad plate with dressing, baguette (8,9)
8,50 €

Salad plate with sheep’s cheese, baguette (8,9)
10,20 €

Salad plate with tuna, dressing, baguette (8,9)
10,80 €

Mozarella with fresh tomatoes,
basil, baguette
9,90 €

Salad plate with chicken breast strips
dressing, baguette (8,9)
12,20 €

Original berlin dishes

Rostbratwurst (grilled sausage)
sourcrout, parsley potatoes
10,50 €

beans with bacon, baked onion rings
parsley potatoes
10,50 €

Calf‘s liver berlin style
apple slices, baked onion rings
mashed potatoes
15,95 €

Currywurst (curried sausage)
curry sauce and chips
7,85 €

Fish dishes

2 fried herrings (served cold)
roast potatoes, onion rings
9,80 €

Matjesfilet (filet of herring) on sour cream
boiled potatoes
12,95 €

Pike-perch filet on leaf spinach
grilled tomato and potatoes tossed in butter
16,95 €

For children

Escalope and chips (children’s portion)
8,00 €

5 chicken nuggets
with mashed potato, buttered carrots and peas
8,00 €

Meat dishes

Mixed grill
filet of beef, filet of pork, chicken breast
herb butter and chili butter
pepper sauce, potato wedges
18,10 €

Medaillons of pork
with mushrooms in a sour cream sauce, roast potatoes
16,50 €

Specialities of the house

Jacket Potato
quark with herbs and smoked salmon
11,50 €

Knuckle of pork (1200-1400g)
Potatoes, mushy peas, sourcrout
served with 2cl caraway liqueur (alcoholic)
13,95 €


filled with vanilla and chocolate ice cream
egg liqueur and cream
7,10 €

warm apple strudel
vanilla sauce, vanilla ice cream and cream
5,20 €